Ethiopic restaurant, Washington DC, USA

I have heard a lot of great things Washington DC having one of the best Ethiopian restaurants in the country. I have never tried Ethiopian food before nor did I know what it was. I decided to give it a shot. My girlfriend and I along with two of our friends went to Ethiopic in Little Ethiopia of Washington DC. After reading through the menu, I was very confused. This seemed to be the case for everyone on the table. We decided to let our waitress decided for us. We went for the vegetarian sampler dish, the fried fish, and lamb tips. Once the food was served, I noticed that we were not given any utensils to eat with. All the food was meant to be eaten with your hand. 

For the food, I think they all had great flavor. I particularly enjoyed a number of the items on the sampler dish. I also really liked the fact that everything was meant to be shared and that we had to use our hands. It was quite and experience. Finally, the service was great throughout the night. Very attentive and friendly staffs who are very helpful to “Ethiopian cuisine novice” like us.

Rating: 8.5/10

El Pollo Rico

El Pollo Rico, Arlington, VA, USA

After hearing much acclaim from Anthony Bourdain, I decided to make the trip out to Arlington to try the famous Peruvian style chicken from El Pollo Rico. Conveniently located just a few block from the metro station, El Pollo Rico is very minimal. You are here for the chicken and the chicken only. They don’t have anything else. I got the whole chicken to share with two sides. It was pretty affordable. 

The chicken was well seasoned and moist even for white meat. It was pretty good considering the price. However, this was nothing mind blowing though. I have had better grilled rotisserie style chicken in Thailand. 

Rating: 8.5/10


Le Diplomate

Le Diplomate, Washington DC, USA

You can never go wrong with Steven Starr. Le Diplomate is his first outpost in the DC area. After looking through the menu and seeing the atmosphere, this is pretty much the second branch of Starr’s famous Rittenhouse Square Parc. From this, I know that the food was going to be pretty good here. For brunch, we ordered three selections of Fromages(cheese) to start. Le Diplomate carries wide varieties of French cheeses. Since we were up for anything, we let out waiter decided for us. The cheese is really something not to be miss here. For our main course, I got the Eggs Norwegian as I was in a mood for Eggs Benedict. My girlfriend went for the duck with egg, which was highly recommended by our waiter. Both were very good as expected. So far, with the atmosphere and the food, this is my favorite brunch spot in Washington DC. A good recovery from last weekend. 

Rating: 9/10