Washington DC brunch: Kapnos/Open City


I was looking for a place to have brunch in the DC area before my trip back to Philadelphia and came across top chef Mike Isabella’s Kapnos. Greek brunch why not? We made out way back up to the U street neighborhood for the meal. Even though we arrived early for our reservation time, it was not a problem since there were some empty tables at the restaurant. Feeling quite hungry, we ordered three dishes with the baklava french toast to share. For the food, I found everything to be under seasoned. This was not the case of the french toast of course. This upset me knowing that some salt would probably make the food taste much better. We both had the reaction of “Well this isn’t bad. It isn’t great either.” The food here is quite underwhelming. Moreover, to me, the portion is very small for what you paid for. I left the restaurant feeling unsatisfied. 

Rating: 7.8/10

Open City

We stumbled upon Open City on our way to the National Zoo. Seeing how many people were waiting for the table, I decided to give it a shot. One thing that confused me was that there seemed to be a number of tables available, but there was a wait. Nonetheless, we ended up getting seated pretty quickly. The menu was pretty simple brunch food. I got the omelette while my girlfriend went for the french toast. It was good. Nothing special. 

Rating: 8/10


Izakaya Seki

Izakaya Seki, Washington DC, USA

This the other restaurant beside Rasika I have been looking forward to going in DC. Coming from Philly, I have been craving good authentic Japanese food. Especially, the place that serves Izakaya style food. This is something that Philadelphia is lacking. After hearing much praise online, I put Izakaya Seki on the top of my list. So far, I have found the food in Washington DC a little underwhelming. I will cover more of this on the two upcoming brunch posts. So far, Rasika is the only place in DC that really hits the spot. I was excited to see how this little Izakaya spot would match up. 

Izakaya Seki is located in the neighborhood in the U street area. The first floor is the “bar area” where customers get to see chef Seki in action. The second floor is more seating area. This time, I chose to be seated upstair. Our waitress was very helpful in picking out dishes and giving us recommendation. Izakaya is one of my most favorite type of Japanese cuisine. So I was pretty familiar with the menu. I chose to order a number of dishes that really highlight the cuisine so that my girlfriend could try all the dishes. I was surprised that Izakaya Seki does not compromise. The dishes are very authentic Izakaya style. I was happy. One of the highlight of the night was the beef intestine. It was well executed and still soft in the inside. Other dishes also met my expectation. One more thing that DC does better than Philly. I am still waiting for the day that Philadelphia will get a proper Izakaya place. 

Rating: 9.3/10